Skill Acquisition Workshop Internships

The skill acquisition internship programmes is powered by The Lagos State Government, through the Ministry of Women Affairs and Poverty Alleviation (WAPA), in conjunction with registered women NGOs like Tender Hearts Foundation. It is targeted at over 500 widows across the state, to train and empower young widows in various vocational skills ranging from hair braiding and weaving, gele-tying and makeup application, fabric stoning, catering and food preparation, production of soap, pomade and stove wick, customised throw pillows, interior accessories, Ankara craft and leatherworks amongst others. It is a free training put in place to ensure that, this category of women avail themselves of this opportunity of acquiring valuable skills in order to be self-dependent.


We are compassionate and committed. All our programmes are geared towards:

  • Building capacity towards independent living
  • Equipping women and young girls with lifelong skills for trading and livelihood
  • Building self-confidence, dignity and strength geared towards being responsible and contributory citizens
  • Providing emergency and immediate provision in response to group and individual needs;
  • Giving women and girls a meaningful and contributory voice in the society through a range of awareness campaigns.

We believe that:

  • Every widow should have the opportunity to rebuild their lives, to be self–reliant in a trade or a job, and be enabled to bring up responsible children
  • Indigent women must be supported to live dignified lives, which include having a trade or a job
  • Women (particularly young women) who have been subject to abuse, must be supported to rebuild their lives, attain skills and live dignified contributing and giving back to the society
  • Where a widow, an indigent woman or a girl that has suffered abused has an immediate and emergency need particularly in the areas of health, mental, nutrition and education, well-being, this should be met
  • The voice of women and girls should be heard.

Your support via donations will go a long way to alleviating the challenges that women, widows and young girls face in our community. Your donation can be made to:

Tender Hearts Foundation


Zenith Bank